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    warranty 3 months
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    Home > ABOUT US
    YUYI Global Technology Co,. Ltd

    we sale are distributed control system (DCS)Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) remote input / output module (RTU)Industrial PC (IPC)\server\Industrial motherboard industrial low-frequency screen vacuum pump\servo motor\power supply\ups\robot arm\RELAY\SENSOR\SWITCH

    Warranty 90 Days

    YUYI's Company Profile

    •YUYI Global Technology Co,. Ltd founded in 1987, the main products which we sale are
    distributed control system (DCS)
    Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
    remote input / output module (RTU)  \ 
    Industrial PC (IPC)\server\Industrial motherboard
    industrial low-frequency screen\vacuum pump\UPS\
    low-capacity hard drives for industrial use SCSI (50,68,80Pin)
    AnyBus (Gateway)\Robot Controller Servo\Servo motor
    human-machine interface HMI\Automation controller

    Inverter\Frequency\Converter\power supply\RELAY\robot

    •industrial control related ancillary products

    •Because of rapid changes in technological products and boom of market. In view of market demand, we have built automation products storage systems in Taiwan market , so we can quickly repair spares to meet the customer’s need.


    YUYI's key products Video

    Industrial electronic automation control equipment parts


    YUYI's Our Service


    1.Three months warranty
    2.Stock:Shipping within 24 hours after payment(Except holidays)
      Futures:Delivery time 14 to 30 days
    3. If the product has a problem, please contact us.
        We will help you deal with returns related issues.
    4.We have a variety of brands and models.
        If you need to, you can contact us.





    TÜV Rheinland Certificates

    TüV Rheinland Certificates


    YUYI's Packaging & Shipping

    YUYI's Packaging and Shipping

    YUYI Global Technology Co,. Ltd Contact us

    1. Fill a message you have to ask for information, please click here.
    2. Contact Information below, or use Ituri information, contact us.

    ◆ Taiwan Main office

    Contact : Mr. Huang

    Address : No.500, Bade Central Rd., Renwu Dist., Kaohsiung City 81457, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    TEL : +886-7-3752385、3752386

    Mobil : +886-933302321

    FAX : +886-7-3752387

    E-mail : huang@yuyiplc.com、huang@yuyiparts.com



    ◆ China Xiamen branch office

    Contact : Mr. Lin

    Address : China Simen District,Xiamen City,Pine Park Road 146,Room 101(Yongsheng Garden)361000
    TEL : 0592-5611553 、 0592-5611606

    Mobil : 13276022480、18695675199

    E-mail : huang@yuyiplc.com、huang@yuyiparts.com

    QQ : 572134183



    Continuous update

    YUYI has to sell brands

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